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Saturday, January 28, 2023

Umair Haque - Another Coach's Perspective

Umair Haque a personal coach notes on his website: "So the best way to teach and learn them is the most ancient way. Direct, one-on-one instruction, through conversation, guidance, awareness, insight. That differs for each person. And is grounded in each student and teacher’s lived realities, not just impersonal abstract ideas.

Some coaching practices are about getting organized, inspired, encouraged. Mine’s a little different. I use leadership, psychotherapy, philosophy, and a little bit of economics to help people develop and grow at the great arts of living.

So my practice is about living a life that matters.

Recently he wrote an interesting post on the times we live in: 
"Nobody seems to know: should we believe them, or not? Should we take authoritarians literally, but not seriously — or vice versa? But if we can’t get the answer right, this state of affairs will only get worse.

So: having had the displeasure of living under an authoritarian regime or two, let me share how to listen to them without losing your mind.  Authoritarians tell the truth about the future.  "(click here to read the full post.)

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