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Monday, December 20, 2010

Life and Career Coaching -One on One

Life and Career Coaching
Do you feel stuck? Can't find a good job or tired of your current job or maybe want to improve performance and get promoted?

o Set clear career goals; write sharp, targeted cover letters and resumes. Create your Personal Brand.
o Network, interview, & perform your way to the career you want and deserve.
o Negotiate the salary you deserve.
o Cope with the stress associated with work.
o Improve your performance and get promoted more quickly.
o Get a better job.

In this job market, you need every edge you can get and new skills are essential to get the job and career you want. Save time, money, and lots of stress by speeding up your work search.

- Are you better at doing your job than selling yourself?
- Do you have an interview coming up for a job that you really have to get?
- Have you had situations or interviews that could have gone better?
- Do you want to feel more relaxed and confident?

Invest in yourself. Let's get going toward reaching your goals.

A life and career coach can help you

o Quickly clarify goals.
o Move past blockages and build momentum.
o Network to the hidden job market.
o Take steps necessary to achieve career and life goals.
o Find meaningful work--a calling, not just a job.
o Improve job performance and get promoted.
o Achieve work/life balance.
o Find work you want and deserve!

I can provide excellent references who will tell you my assistance really helped them.

Please email me with your background and situation to arrange a free half hour consultation.

I look forward to talking with you.

 T Sole
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